SOLD: UB Brescian Double Bass c2013


Fully carved Brescian round back, as new


Pictured here is an Upton Brescian Model from 2013, Opus 113. Fully carved round back, very select wood plates with a particularly choice wide-grain Spruce top and warm Poplar back and sides. An extremely resonant instrument for orchestra or jazz cannon applications.

Bedded in by an expert professional – albeit a restless young man prone to radical changes of instrument preference – happily for all of us he leaves only the finest double basses in his wake. This is your chance to get a practically new, premium select-wood Brescian at the base carved round back price and no wait.

Simply antiqued tuners, bridge adjusters, and Flexocores. Unsullied by dot markers or anything – feel free to make it your own – add a C-extension, etc. Just give us a call!


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