SOLD: UB Euro Hybrid Double Bass c2007


SOLD: UB “Hawkes” pattern hybrid


Pictured here is a 2007 Upton Bass, representing one of the last Upton-designed European “Hawkes” models. These instruments were built to a very high standard with a European partner, then neck set, finished and set up by Upton Bass in Mystic.  This instrument has a Hawkes label but is slightly modified from the earlier Panormo pattern of the first “Hawkes” hybrids, with a smaller upper bout. These European hybrids built our reputation for a great sounding, eager and easily-maintained instruments. Played in and maintained by an expert bassist, this is a fine example – very comfortable to play and ready for heavy use on your first day.  Features rib bumpers, RevSolo pickup, and bow quiver. Case not included.


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