SOLD: UB Professor Special Deluxe Double Bass 2010


A Very Special Flatback Professor…



This gorgeous 2010 Professor is back in our hands as the first owner
developed a need for the extra-low range and didn’t want to
add an extension to this exquisite solo and section instrument. We built him a mighty Brescian 5-string, and this carefully maintained
and masterfully played-in bass is ready for a new home.  Below is
detail on this instrument as it originally appeared (pictures at left from December 2013):

(COMPLETED IN FEB 2010) This bass has been 9 months in the making and
was worth every minute of the wait!

Eric from Upton Bass has just finished UB Professor Special Deluxe Opus
74. This is bass number 3 of 3 from the same English Sycamore (Maple)
log (back, sides and neck). The varnish is a bit darker than #2 of 3,
but still going on the competition quality “modern Italian” varnish
that showcases the figure of the wood.

The bass is based off of our work with Gary Karr, so the Solo model was
used as a starting point. The rib depth was kept the same as our specs
for our fuller bodied Orchestra model basses, the result being an very
easy to play bass throughout the entire fingerboard with a very
balanced even sound across the strings. Dark on the E, sweet up on the
G with evenness, clarity and projection abound. It’s everything we were
looking for!

The back didn’t go as planned…but sometimes fate has a better idea.
When we first milled up the log, Eric took 6 slices in succession,
enough to make 3 identical looking bass backs. He grabbed the first
two, joined them and made a bass. Later on down the road, he grabbed
the next two, joined them and made a bass. When it came time to join
the last two pieces his heart sunk as he realized the log had a slight
twist to it and the last board was not thick enough at the edge to get
the back thickness he desired for a two piece back. So began a month
long process of hemming and hawing and laying out different options.
Since this bass was not for anyone…just making it to make it, the
guys eventually decided to be a bit bold. Eric had some 40 year old
rosewood, a gift from his brother, that he never knew what to do with.
By tapering the piece from the narrowest part of the caps coming off
the block to the widest needed at the end block, Eric was able to get
the maple pieces pushed out enough to use every usable piece. The look
is bold and stunningly beautiful.

Eric said, “I love how the darkness of the rosewood envelopes the dark
lines of the purfling, drawing your eye to the white of the purfling as
it comes out of the maple. A very cool effect!”.

This bass was designed to be a triple threat; Jazz, orchestra or solo
performance…this instrument was built to do it all and do it well.

Some photos of the basses construction can be seen here on FaceBook.

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String Length: 41″
Neck Heel: D
Upper Bout Width (widest): 19 3/4″
C Bout Width (narrowest): 14 1/2″
Lower Bout Width (widest): 27 1/2″
Length of Back: 43 3/4″
Rib Taper: 8″ to 7 3/8″
English Sycamore Back, Ribs, Sides
Rosewood Accents
European Spruce Top


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