SOLD: UB Willow Double Bass



This double bass is constructed of willow (back and sides), spruce (top) and maple (neck and scroll), with a AAA grade quality ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, nut, and of course the acclaimed full “Upton Setup”, including deluxe ebony “Hat-Peg” tuners and Thomastik Dominant strings.

The sound of the UB Willow Double Bass is mellow, with
roust dark tones and a full, even projection. When played pizzicato, the UB
Willow Double Bass produces a warm, pillowy tone; and a rich, chocolaty-velvet
sound when bowed. The UB Willow is one of the most beautiful double basses we’ve
ever varnished, combining tones of raw umber and burnt sienna, and a unique
snake-skin like pattern.

The UB Willow
Double Bass could in fact be the last bass you will ever purchase! This
instrument is destined to become a legend. Will it become a family heirloom,
passed down through generations of double bass players? Or perhaps the
instrument of a future double bass virtuoso, commanding a high price at auctions
as it passes through the ages? The UB Willow Double Bass has never been owned,
and has only been played a handful of times in our Mystic, Connecticut shop, and
is immediately available for purchase. Be the first to own this astounding
instrument as it commences its journey into greatness!

Approximate Body Dimensions:
UpperBout – 20 1/2 inches
C Bout – 15 3/4 inches
LowerBout – 27 inches
Rib – 7 inches at neck set to 8 1/4 inches at endpin
BodyLength – 45 1/4 inches
StringLength – 42 inches

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