Thomastik: Belcanto Double Bass Strings



Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings: Belcanto is optimized for arco and hybrid performance, they respond quickly to the bow, yet are soft under your fingers.


Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings, from the makers of Spirocore, are made for arco and hybrid performance. Wound on a distinctively twisted steel rope core, Belcanto strings respond quickly to the bow, yet are soft under your fingers. They have a dark, warm tone that resonates well and has a wide range of color and nuance. Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings are easy to blend and have outstanding projection and sustain using moderate effort. They settle in quickly, intonate well, and have exceptional tuning stability. In addition, pizzicato expression is open and free, making them an option for players in need of hybrid strings.

Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings are available in Orchestra or Solo tuning. Most players prefer orchestra tuning, but please give us a call if you are unsure which set is for you. PLEASE MAKE YOUR SELECTION IN THE CUSTOMIZATION TAB ABOVE BEFORE ADDING THE ITEM TO YOUR CART.

Gary’s Thoughts: With a bow, Thomastik Belcanto Double Bass Strings really speak, and because of that, the Belcantos are a very nice arco string choice. These are actually one of my favorite strings with a bow, although not quite my choice for a jazz string. They feel a little thin and wiry, similar to many of the Corelli, they lack in pitch center, and don’t give a good clean fundamental. For that quintessential Jazz sound, I’ll stick with my Spiros, and for a jazz/arco hybrid, I’d go for the Dominant.


  • Made for arco and hybrid performance
  • An Upton Bass favorite for arco use
  • Outstanding projection and sustain
  • Twisted steel rope core

Technical Information:

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