Thomastik: Spirocore Double Bass Strings 3885.0

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Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass Strings. Spiral steel core. Thomastik Product Code 3885.0


Thomastik Spirocore 3885.0 Double Bass strings are a further technical development of the Kunstler Seil series and have a flexible multi-wire spiral steel core. This core has greater elasticity than that of conventional strings, which means less inertia and a higher propensity to musical vibration. The sound is full and homogenous, balanced and voluminous. Equally effective when playing pizzicato or arco, Thomastik Spirocore 3885.0 Double Bass Strings are highly responsive, long lasting strings that are legendary for their distinctive tone and playability. Spirocore 3885.0 strings have been calibrated to satisfy the express wish of many orchestral artists and jazz players with double basses that have a shorter string length (3/4).

Gary’s Thoughts: Thomastik Spirocore 3885.0 are developed for a bass with a shorter string length, but can create a tighter, higher tension when used on a larger bass (up to 7/8). These strings “feel” a bit harder to play. If you are looking for a lighter tension string (longer length), try Thomastik Spirocore S42. Medium tension is recommended for most players, but if you are unsure which tension or length is for you, please contact us.


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1 review for Thomastik: Spirocore Double Bass Strings 3885.0

  1. Jeffery Hayden

    G, D, and A play well and have a good sound. The E string is dead. It produces very little sound compared with the A string.

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