UB Workshop Double Bass Bow, French and German Styles

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UB Workshop Double Bass Bows have better tone and playability than fiberglass and are extremely strong and durable for a quality wooden bow. For the discerning student or seasoned player.

***Black Haired Workshop Standard Bows are currently on Back Order.


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The UB Workshop Double Bass Bow (offered in both German and French styles) is the culmination of our search to produce a quality wooden bass bow that is functional without compromising aesthetics and musicality. Crafted of Brazilwood, the sticks are octagonal and reddish; light-weight, strong and very responsive. The frogs are 100% ebony, adorned with a Parisienne eye of figured abalone shell. The slide is also abalone, and the ferrules and buttons are nickel.

The UB Workshop Double Bass Bow is a great starter bow for players looking for a bow with better tone and playability than fiberglass, yet with similar strength and durability. These bows are real workhorses, perfect for the discerning student or seasoned player looking for a bow to bring to lessons or outdoor performances. At $259, they are an economically priced bow suited for beginners, part-time arco players, or advanced bassists looking for a solid backup.

The UB Workshop Double Bass Bow is available in French and German Styles, with several hair color options. PLEASE SELECT YOUR OPTIONS IN THE CUSTOMIZATION TAB ABOVE BEFORE ADDING THE ITEM TO YOUR CART.

All of our UB Workshop Double Bass Bows are made in China to our specifications and are hand-inspected by us and feature a fresh hank of black or white hair.  We literally torque and twist every bow to guarantee you do not get a “squishy” stick or a wood flaw that would have resulted in a premature fracture. We would love to make them in house, like our basses, but we could simply not afford to make them for the $259 price (most shops charge $75 to $150 just to do a rehair, nevermind make an entire bow!).  We’ve even scoured European workshops trying to find something that can compete with the undervalued Chinese currency and labor rates, and to date, we have found nothing better for the price.

Gary’s Thoughts: The importance of owning a quality wooden double bass bow is an undervalued and often overlooked necessity. Typically regarded as “second” to the instrument, the bow is, in fact, the key that unlocks your bass’ true tonal potential, and no bow yields a better tone than those made of wood. Although there are several kinds of artificial options on today’s market, bassists time and time again find themselves returning to a solid wood stick because, ultimately, they produce the warmest and most authentic tone.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 7 days and we will refund the entire amount of your purchase, including shipping.

Here is what our customers say about UB Workshop Double Bass Bows:

by Ryan G: “An excellent bow, especially for the price. This bow (German) is well-made and well balanced. The wood seems high quality, and the ebony fittings and abalone inlays are a great touch. The bow is lightweight and produces a wonderful, full tone. I was pleased with it from the first moment I drew it across the strings. It is tenfold times better than the fiberglass bow I’d been using (no surprise) and for just a fraction of the cost more. I’d recommend this bow to anyone in the market for a Brazilwood, and in fact, have recommended it to several players already.”

by Bob R: “I recently purchased one of the Upton Bass Workshop French bows. After using the bow, I have to say I am truly amazed. The Upton Bass bow is comparable to other bows costing much more. In fact, I liked this bow so much, I just ordered a second one.”

by Fredrick S: “I purchased one of these bows (French) with my Upton Bass bag and can I say, Wow! I would pay 3 times that amount! I have been using it on Thursdays with the orchestra and it’s very even and responsive. I will be recommending these bows to all my students and stand mates!”

Upton Bass is a double bass specialty company located in Mystic, Connecticut. We are ready to offer advice and answer any questions you have regarding your double bass, strings for your double bass, or related topics. Any questions? Email sales@uptonbass.com or call our shop at (860) 535-9399. Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

20 reviews for UB Workshop Double Bass Bow, French and German Styles

  1. Fredrick Somerleyton

    I purchased one of these bows (French) with my UB bag and can I say WOW! For $99 it really holds it’s own, I would pay 3 times that! I have been using it on Thursdays with the orchestra and its very even and responsive. I will be recommending these bows to all my students and stand mates!

  2. Bob Rowlette (verified owner)

    I recently purchased one of the UB Workshop French bows. Although I wasn’t expecting much for $99, after using the bow, I have to say I am truly amazed. The UB bow is comparable to other bows costing much more. In fact, I liked this bow so much, I just ordered a 2nd one. -bob

  3. Steve Boisen (verified owner)

    By cutting coners in all the right places (aesthetics rather than construction), Upton Bass is able to offer a quality student bow at low price point. With these bows on the market there’s no reason for any student bassist (or bassist on a tight bidget) to consider an inexpensive fiberglass bow or one of those “eBay bargains”.

  4. Richard Auvil (verified owner)

    I’m an experienced teacher and musician, but a beginning double bassist. After discovering that needed a French bow, I ordered from Upton Bass. The bow looks fabulous, it’s easy to handle, and is very responsive. I’ll probably order another one as a back-up bow.

  5. Eric Mazoch (verified owner)

    I was definitely a bit worried about buying a $99 wood bow, but I am also definitely glad that I did! I don’t have an extensive background in bass bows and accessories for them, but I really like the sound that I produce while using this bow. Initially I found the weight of the bow to be a bit awkward, but now it feels really natural. I think I would be happy with my purchase if the bow was even half as good as it is, for the same price!

  6. Raymond Blanco (verified owner)

    As a beginning bassist, I’ve tried tons of inexpensive (and expensive) bows in the recent months. Honestly, nothing short of $400 dollars touched my UB Workshop bow. My teacher liked it so much he’s ordering one as a new second bow. A friend of mine liked it so much, he bought mine to replace his. So I’m on my second, and for some reason it feels even better. Great balance and sound for a great price.

  7. Cheryl Nordquist (verified owner)

    I ordered this bow (German) as my second bow, not realizing how much a difference there could be between manufactures. The improved tone I get from this bow makes me sound like a much better musician!

  8. Larry Perlstein (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say … frankly the bow is almost identical to my 35 year fiberglass bow (yea-probably one of the first) in terms of balance and feel, but a) it looks significantly better, b) it was only $99, and c) it doesn’t make me work as hard as my old bow. I wouldn’t say that the bow is a huge improvement over what I’ve been using but it’s a great buy for the price, and now I won’t have other bassists making fun of my old bow.

  9. Luz Monzon-Aguirre (verified owner)

    Hi, i have used the bow, and it?s very good, you can handle it very easy. I hope all the bassists could get one!!

  10. Debby Lamb (verified owner)

    I love this bow so much! It’s catches the eye very quickly and plays exceptionally well.

  11. Franco Vargas-Prada (verified owner)

    I Ordered this Bow (German), a month ago. It’s Great, very good sound and balance.
    So,… What can I say?…, I’m a happy customer! =)

  12. Richard Spencer (verified owner)

    I love this bow. I got it yesterday and can’t stop playing it. It sounds so amazing that every time I draw it on the strings an uncontrollable smile appears on my face.

  13. David Pike (verified owner)

    Although I\’ve been an electric bassist for over 30 years, I am an absolute beginner with with arco/bow technique. I purchased the UB Workshop German bow to use with my new Ergo EUB. I am very impressed with the quality and balance of this bow. In the past, I used a fiberglass beginner\’s bow (French style)… the UB Workshop bow is an exceptional value for the quality. I feel very fortunate to have found this bow to begin my arco studies.

  14. Dmitriy Lukyanchikov (verified owner)

    I’m also new at arco playing and got the same bow with white hair.
    Preety good bow for this price. Got around 10 hairs broken during first month of use.
    I would definitely recommend this bow for beginners.

  15. lyndon watkins (verified owner)

    i just want to say that coming from a fiberglass bow to a wooden bow is quite the adventure regardless. but i am extremely pleased with upton basses ub brazilwood bow. from the moment i got it i wanted to never let it leave my hands. this is a wonderful bow in my opinion for any player.

  16. John Racz (verified owner)

    As part of a recent upgrade to my bass (strings, cover, bow etc.) I decided to get a new bow. What a surprise, a great choice. Light & balanced good response.


  17. Robert Yong (verified owner)

    this bow is one of the finest i have played. compared to the sound that my old bow made, it produces a full and strong tone. its hard to believe that this is a bow less than $200! it looks beautiful and gives excellent tone on any bass. i would highly recommend this bow to musicians on a budget or an advancing student looking for better tone than a student level bow can offer. my only complaint is how heavy it is and it may take a while to get used to. (i originally used a very very light bow) but still 5/5

  18. Elías Gómez

    Very good bow (german style), good balance and good weight, good bounce and the stick feels very strong and nice (octogonal), the hair (dark silver) can be better, but have a good quality. The bass sound louder but dark, better sound at lower strings that harmonics or upper register of the bass. Good bow for student, has a very good stability.

  19. jplynch019 (verified owner)

    Recently ordered the UB Workshop Double Bass Bow: French Style. Very happy with my purchase. I am re-transitioning from decades of electric bass guitar back to where it started on the upright. This bow brings it right back to where it all began many years ago. Quick turn around from order to delivery. Thanks!

  20. Emayhew (verified owner)

    I’m new to upright bass much less the bow but so far I really like the weight and balance, the tone it produces is far better than the carbon fiber bow

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