ULSA Standard Double Bass Endpin



ULSA Standard Double Bass Endpin – Ebony, Screw Tip.

Top precision metalwork from Ullsperger Music Accessories in Bavaria. An excellent endpin, a lighter spike than the Massiv, with stainless instead of brass.

From ULSA: Rustproof, 10mm thick iron rod, ebony barrel with integrated cork ring, which means that the spike is absolutely vibration-free. Screw tip.


ULSA Standard Double Bass Endpin – Ebony, Screw Tip, Made in Germany

ULSA continues to make their endpins in Bavaria with the finest metals and machining. Their quality and consistency shows up for you every day with this crucial double bass component! Collar and endpin, screw tips are replaceable as the years go on.

ULSA Standard double bass endpin



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