Upton Bass Bag Deluxe Upright Bass Case

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The NEW UB Deluxe Double Bass Bag is our best yet, custom-built for real-world players, it easily accommodates larger pattern instruments (deep rib Upton’s) and features great zippers, ample bridge padding, pockets everywhere, and handles, handles, handles!






The newly redesigned Upton Bass Bag! Our Deluxe Double Bass Bag combines the features that have made the UB Deluxe Bass Bag one of the best selling double bass bags on the market with some of the best features of the Mooradian Standard that we have used and loved in past.

The improvements we’ve made on the new UB Deluxe Bass Bag make this bass bag easier to carry and maneuver. Extra long, fully adjustable shoulder straps with a heavy padded shoulder cushion make it both convenient and comfortable to carry. Strategically placed, seat-belt-quality handles make it easy to load and unload your bass in and out of cars and off of small stages.

The Upton Bass Deluxe Double Bass Bag is a generously sized bag and fits 3/4 size and most 7/8+ size double basses. If you are unsure whether your double bass will fit in the Upton Bass Deluxe Bass Bag, send us the dimensions of your bass, and we will be happy to let you know.

Gary’s Thoughts: If you’re a double bassist in need of a new double bass bag, look no further. Bass bags of this quality and price point just don’t exist elsewhere. We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back!** Consider comparable bass bags like the Mooradian Deluxe Bass Case or the tough, over-built Soundwear Performer.

Some features of the Upton Bass Deluxe Double Bass Bag:

  • Improved exterior fabric that is both light-weight and more flexible, yet still a tight strong weave that can take a beating on the road
  • Offers great protection and is very compact-able. When not in use, you can easily roll it up and store it just about anywhere!
  • An inch of protective foam padding throughout.
  • Six strong double-stitched handles (made of seat-belt grade material) securely sewn with heavy duty upholstery thread all the way through the padding
  • Shoulder strap with tons of adjust-ability, allowing you to get your bass sitting at the perfect balance point
  • Large music pocket on the back
  • Two roomy accessory pockets on the front
  • Over-sized bow pocket that easily fits a bow case. Our bass bag also includes a free bow sleeve, offering extra protection for your bow
  • Double padded bridge guard to minimize the impact of accidental bumps on your bridge
  • Zipper flap to protect your bass from zipper scratches and unzips at the top for easy removal. No wrestling with our bag!

Please contact us with any questions by phone at +1 (860) 535-9399 or e-mail: sales@uptonbass.com

Upton Bass String Instrument Co. specializes in building award-winning custom double basses and offers accessories for the double bass. Upton Bass also services all instruments and bows of the violin family with world-class restoration and repair, to view our online restoration portfolio visit stringrepair.com

Upton Bass is ready to offer advice and answer any questions regarding double basses or related bass topics. Please contact UB at sales@uptonbass.com or call the shop at +1 (860) 535-9399. Hours of operation Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 6pm. The Workshop (The Barn) and showroom are located in Mystic, Connecticut conveniently between Boston and NYC.


18 reviews for Upton Bass Bag Deluxe Upright Bass Case

  1. James Daggs (verified owner)

    I’m the kind of guy that really likes to try out my products before I comment, unless I just knocked over by the performance (that doesn’t happen too often).
    I have now had the Upton Bass Bag for a few months and have tested it a bit.
    I like the color scheme. The straps are placed very well on the bag and are quite sturdy. I like the zipper that opens the bag about 75% to fully open.

    I have owned many different Bass Bags over the years, considering the features and the price point I feel this bag is a great value.

  2. Fredrick Somerleyton

    A nice bag that keeps my old flatback safe. Good strong handles right where you need them. Thanks Upton for a great product!

  3. Earl Sauls (verified owner)

    This bag fits my 7/8 Juzek perfectly, and has much more padding and protection than my previous case.

  4. Duong Tran

    This is the perfect bag for any bassist. It has very dense and thick padding, plenty of oversized pockets. I also like the soft leather bridge protector and the bumpers on the side. This is a bass player’s dream bag at a great price.

  5. Sam Koenig (verified owner)

    For the price, this is a wonderful bass case. It is well constructed, plenty of pockets for a “soft” case. The padding is so thick the case will stand up without the bass in it! A selection of colors would be nice. In all, a great buy.

  6. Beston Barnett

    Looks good and fits my 3/4 Kay well. I’d feel safe leaving my upright in a gorilla cage with this. Kind of a joke, but I really do play gigs at the zoo all the time.

  7. Larry Perlstein

    I’ve been looking for a new bag for a long time, still using the cheap vinyl bag that came with my bass. This UB bag is excellent is almost all respects, and a great value. Plenty of handles, lots of padding, good pockets, and a nice fit. Some drawbacks are that it takes some effort to get the bass in and out, and now I have to figure where to put the case when the bass isn’t in it. The rear pockets are difficult to use thanks to the flap which hides the zipper, and how flat they are. The zipper is probably strong enough but it kind of feels like I might break it sometimes. The test will be how well the cover holds up after a year. Oh, and I have to get used to just how heavy and bulky the bass inside the case it — though having the handles does make it easier to maneuver than my old case. All in all, I think I made the right choice!!

  8. Ben Rolston (verified owner)

    I have had this case now for close to a month. So far I love it, it’s so much easier to carry than my old mooradian (or any other case I’ve tried). I will probably write another review once I’ve spent more time with it. Thanks to all at Upton for a great bag!

  9. Richard Auvil (verified owner)

    I was very pleased when I received my DeLuxe Upton Bass Bag back in September. It provided the protection I wanted for my instrument and had many other very useful features. I especially like the pockets; it’s so nice to go into rehearsal without carrying an extra accessory case!

    I was kind of distressed after a small opening appeared in one of the seams. After I informed the sales staff of this minor manufacturer’s flaw, my bag was immediately replaced with no questions asked! AND much to my delight, my return shipping charge was removed from my credit account! NOW THAT”S SERVICE!

    I’m looking forward to hauling my bass around safely and conveniently again in that fine DeLuxe Upton bag. Thanks for a fine product and for your outstanding service!

  10. Craig Sneddon (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Upton Bass Case for almost a year now and am super pleased with all aspects of it. One side benefit that I’ve found is that the very thick and dense padding insulates the instrument when moving it from an air conditioned space through a high humidity situation and then back into an air conditioned space. Traveling a couple of hours to a gig is no sweat and the humidity level the instrument sees hardly changes. Doesn’t sound like much of an issue but with the expanse of wood and especially for a carved top bass, you couldn’t ask for a better case. The handles are placed in great locations and the instrument doesn’t get subjected to the hard knocks going through doorway that it used to. It just feels smaller because of the balanced locations for the handles. Putting the bass into a vehicle is an easy task with these handles. The pouches would make a kangaroo happy! Plenty of space and snacks seem to make their way in there to boot! Am I happy with my case? If I could give it ten stars, it wouldn’t be good enough! There’s a large investment there in the instrument and the protection it affords is superb!

  11. Jonathon Peters

    This bag is way more than I expected.

    Lots of pockets, a bow scabbard, padded back straps, extra strong handles, etc.

    I didn’t get nervous at all tying my bass down in the back of a truck or driving on my city’s underpar freeways. This bag will see a lot of action, and I’m sure it will take it.

  12. Robert Jordan (verified owner)

    This bag is everything Upton Bass advertises and the reviewers report it is. The only way you’re going to get better protection in a case is to purchase fiberglass.

    Upton’s excellent customer service makes the purchase even more pleasant.

    My case and stand arrived in timely fashion, without delay. Upon arrival, I could not find the advertised shoulder strap. One telephone call to a pleasant lady named Kristin, and I had my shoulder strap in less than three days.

  13. Antar Martin

    I just got my Deluxe Upton Case literally 5 minutes ago, and I have to say I am absolutely in LOVE with it! It’s a well constructed bag that has a secure fit to my bass, great utility design, it’s an easy bag to throw on my bass and everything has a perfect fit. The thickness is good to have as well as the pad that protects the bridge, I would highly recommend this bag to anyone who’s in need of a new bass bag. Thanks again 🙂

  14. Jason Shea (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this bag. It is very protective and has nice features. The most convenient feature for me is the oversized bow pocket. I am able to fit a german bow hard case in the pocket. It is nice to be able to protect your bow and keep it in the same case as the bass. I was debating between this case and the UB “de la Ville” case. I chose this one because of the thicker padding and bridge protection. I am sure the “de la Ville” is a nice case as well, but the deluxe is worth every penny.

  15. Jeffrey Cunningham (verified owner)

    I was in a pinch,..needed a new case,..and needed fast. Upton came thru not only with superfast customer service and delivery, but the Deluxe Upton Case is much more than I had expected in terms of protection. Heavy duty!!!! Very pleased with my Upton Case and buying experience.

  16. Edward Dale (verified owner)

    A very good case that arrived the day after I ordered it…

  17. Dave Mazanec

    After 2 days, I received my new bass cover. Your deluxe model. It seems just superb. I used a Moridian for over 20 years. Still in good shape, but I sold it and a bass to a student. Yours, just a little lighter in weight, seems strong, great zippers, good handle or grip placement. I have your Bohemian Makore bass, also, just amazing! At 60 plus I enjoy the lightness. The beauty, craftsmanship & setup. All of it. I spent 38 years playing a Bernard Simon Fendt, Maggini model. Truly think my present bass way better. Use, edit this as you may. Great bass, bag, enjoy talking to Eric & Gary!

  18. Graham Bell (verified owner)

    Quality components – zippers seem like they will stand the rest of time, material is durable as well, and foam is sufficient, though not as thick as I thought it would be, reading the marketing. Biggest complaint is the size – sim play too big for a standard 3/4 Kay. It bunches up in spots and makes it feel less secure (when trying to close a hatch on a car which fits, but is close, or even just laying on its side in the bag – wants to roll).

    Eric’s feedback is here, which I appreciate, but still not very happy with either purchase (rev solo pickup the other):

    “That bag does run large…for more moderate-sized basses I usually recommend the Gewa, but they are also out of stock. Supply chain issues have been hard in this industry.”

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