Upton Bass Bostonian Model Double Bass 2011


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Upton Bass Bostonian Model, 2011 Opus 18. The original Lynn Seaton-specified build! Similar to our first Karr model, this Bostonian features deeper ribs and Poplar for a warmer, darker tone. This example is in great shape. Fitted with Gage Realist pickup.


Here’s a first-version Upton Bass Bostonian model – in the original Lynn Seaton-specified build! Similar to our first Karr model, the Bostonian had larger ribs and Poplar for a warmer, darker tone than its Maple cousins. The Bostonian was conceived after our initial success with the Karr (we had just opened a location in Boston) and while the shape has evolved, it remains in Poplar (full story below).

This instrument is in excellent condition, with little wear. Fully carved, back and sides of poplar, rounded back, “French” recurve on front and back upper bouts. Slim, clean and ergonomic with tons of access, it is comfortable with any jazz, classical or modern setting – just ask Lynn!


The UB Bostonian Double Bass was conceived at the 2009 International Society of Double Bassists convention. World-renowned bassist and Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas, Lynn Seaton, and Upton Bass String Instrument Co. President and Founder, Gary Upton were playing and discussing the various instruments Upton Bass had created for the convention. They started with a blank sheet of paper and together began jotting down Lynn’s preferences and suggestions with each model. The result was a rough outline of what would become our UB Bostonian Concert Double Bass.

The starting point was the Gamba model that we made for Gary Karr – an award-winning double bass crafted by Upton Bass’s own head luthier Eric Rene Roy – which was on public display for the first time at the show. The ergonomics of the Karr outline, coupled with the raised over-stand and projection resulted in a highly accessible fingerboard. Mr. Seaton, however, did not find the extreme taper of the Karr ribs conducive to his playing style and elected to keep our standard full depth ribs instead. The second bass on display was a Professor Poplar Deluxe (discontinued UB model) a fully carved poplar bass that already possessed the tonal depth and warmth of a century-old contrabass. After playing this upright bass, Mr. Seaton and Gary concurred that the poplar, combined with deep ribs, would be ideal for an exceptional concert double bass, a truly fine instrument! Four months later, the first Bostonian Model Upton Double Bass was born!



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