Velvet: Anima Double Bass Strings


Velvet Anima Double Bass Strings: great articulation and a clean, complex sound. Constructed of copper-wound silk core; ideal for both pizz or arco.

Velvet Strings are a specialty product.  We try to keep them in stock but availability may vary. 



Velvet Anima Double Bass Strings have great articulation and a clean, complex sound. Constructed of a gut-like silk core and wound with copper, Anima’s are ideal for bassists looking to play both pizzicato or arco, and they do slap quite well. Anima Upright Bass Strings are very dark, quick to respond, and deep, yet have good sustain and still growl. In comparison to Garbos, Anima are thinner, have more articulation and sustain, and they also bow better. This thinner core ensures a rapid response for pizzicato and arco players alike. The strings produce a strong well-balanced sound that is complex and clean with an open harmonic range.


  • Velvet Anima Strings are dark with good sustain and growl
  • Well-balanced sound
  • Ideal for arco and pizz, great slap choice

Technical Info:

  • Tension-25 Kgs per string
  • Velvet Anima G string-Polyester and copper winding
  • Velvet Anima D, A and E strings-Copper windings


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