SOLD: Czech Round Back Double Bass Carved Upright Bass

Used, fully carved 40’s round back bass

This bass has since found a happy home with a new owner, but feel free to give us a call about any other basses that have come our way!  Our inventory is constantly changing, so don’t miss an opportunity with a used bass that has not yet made the website!


This carved double bass sports an ebony fingerboard on a replaced English sycamore. Located inside is a label stating the bass is Czech-made.

Although this used upright bass has been fully re-varnished, the work is mediocre and is reflected in the drastically low price for a carved bass such as this.  The varnish also makes it difficult to accurately determine the exact age.  Upon not-so-close inspection, it is obvious that there are cracks here and there on this double bass, and there is apparent wear and tear.  This bass is a good candidate for a complete going through, however it is fully functional as is.  The instrument will be sold as is unless other arrangements are made. (Contact Upton Bass for details 860-535-9399).

This round back double bass has bridge adjusters and D’Addario Hybrid upright bass strings with a 42″ string length.  This upright bass is completely playable, but really requires a lot of extra love and attention for it to live up to it’s potential.

Upon a sale, we will go through the bass from the outside and see what we can do to make sure we are sending this instrument along in good condition, without taking the top off etc. We will also include our very own Revolution Solo II double bass pickup for the new owner!


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