SOLD: Engelhardt ES9 Swingmaster Double Bass Upright Bass

An exclusive, Ebay only offer. Used Engelhardt ES9 Swingmaster complete with a Revolution Solo II, Bridge Adjusters, Lenzner Gut Strings, a UB Deluxe Bag, and of course, the full Upton Bass setup! A must see item!!


This Engelhardt ES9 double bass is being sold by Upton Bass is an amazing, one-time only offer. It was initially setup and sold by Upton Bass, and includes bridge adjusters, a Revolution Solo II pickup (not pictured), Lenzner Gut Strings (with a wrapped A & E) and a UB Deluxe Bag! It was subsequently traded back to us when the same customer decided to upgrade to one of our UB Hawkes Laminate double basses. To purchase this instrument new through Upton Bass, it would cost $1,949 alone (without accessories). This bass comes fully setup, with additional accessories, including a Revolution Solo II pickup ($129), bridge adjusters ($50), a UB Deluxe bag ($249), and Lenzner Gut Strings (with a wrapped A & E- $225 a set). The cost of a new Engelhardt ES9- fully set up by Upton Bass and with the mentioned accessories- would be approximately $2,450!!! The instrument is setup for roots/bluegrass and is a great bass for light slap playing. The gut strings have plenty of life left in them, and need only a little sanding and oiling. The bass has a beautiful, natural finish (similar to the UB Super Swing), with only a few slight surface blemishes.


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