SOLD: Gunter Krahmer Double Bass Germany

A beautiful bass with an amazing arco tone, a joy to play in thumb position.


Gunter Krahmer is the 3rd Generation of Pollmann Double Bass Builders (currently in the 4th generation) and this double bass was designed in part by Will DeSola (partner of New Standard Basses with Arnold Schnitzer). It is a medium size double bass with deep ribs producing a thunderous note. This bass we like to call a triple threat…Orchestra, Solo or Jazz performance are all possible with this level of bass.

This instrument is located at our Boston Showroom,

String Length: 41″
Length of Back: 42.5″
Length of Top: 44″
C Bout (narrowest): 14″
Upper Bout (widest): 19.75″
Lower Bout (widest): 26″
Rib Taper: 9.25″ to 9″
Neck Heel: Eb


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