SOLD: John Juzek Prague Master Art Double Bass 1933

Well preserved example of a real Juzek classic


Pictured here is a true John Juzek fully carved Master Art series from Prague, 1933. These Juzeks with the red label are the real deal – this one a beautiful prewar Bohemian with hat peg tuners and scroll plates.  In very good repair with a newer beveled board – enough meat on it if you would like the bevel softened.  Often imitated and faked, this is the genuine article – a classic for jazz, roots or symphony.

Upper Bout: 19.75″
C Bout: 14″
Lower Bout: 25.5″
Rib Depth: 6 – 7.75″
Length of Back: 44″
String Length: 42″
Weight: 21 lbs
Neck: D


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