SOLD: Swanson Double Bass

Unique Handcrafted Bass from 1965

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Pictured here is a giant Swanson bass from
Pennsylvania.  The label identifies it as from the Swanson Fiddle
Shop in Pittsburgh, No. 63 “Symphony.” The instrument is believed to be
from 1965. No one knows the actual number of Swanson basses

Apparently made with a factory neck, then freely built to large
dimensions, Swansons have a reputation for being, as one player put it,
“Crudely built but with GREAT sound.”

Unique and a lot of fun to play,  this bass was once used in the
Symphony (Charlie Haden was known to have taken a turn on a
Swanson!).  Price includes a blue Messina bag and Full Circle

Ready for the dimensions?

Upper Bout: 23 1/4″
C Bout: 16 3/4″
Lower Bout: 28″
Rib Depth: 8.25″ – 8 3/4″
Body Length: 43″
String Length: 42″
Neck: E-flat

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