Acoustic Image DoubleShot Combo with Clarus Head for Double Bass


Acoustic Image is not taking new orders for now – will update! Thanks – UB, Spring ‘23

The Acoustic Image DoubleShot Combo bundles your choice of Clarus amplifier plus the new DoubleShot speaker cab. Shown with the Clarus SL-2 option, other options are available in the drop-down.

Acoustic Image DoubleShot Combo

Acoustic Image DoubleShot Combo


The DoubleShot Combo double bass amp from Acoustic Image bundles the new DoubleShot speaker cabinet with the Clarus head of your choice.

From Acoustic Image:

The DoubleShot Combo consists of the DoubleShot speaker and one of our SL-class integrated amplifiers. There are rubber stops on the top of the cabinet that hold the amp head in place. When the amp is placed on top against the stops and the speaker is connected, a unique “combo” is formed. Three versions are available:

  1. DoubleShot-Clarus SL = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL (one channel, no effects) 
  2. DoubleShot-Clarus SL-R = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL-R (one channel with effects)
  3. DoubleShot-Clarus SL-2 = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus SL-2 (two channels, no effects) 
  4. DoubleShot-Clarus SL4 Plus = DoubleShot plus 600W Clarus Series 4Plus  (two channels, with effects) 

About the Speaker:


The DoubleShot is a compact (12in D x 11in W), lightweight (15 lbs.) 2×10 plus 1×5 speaker system for acoustic and electric instruments. The system is unique, with the woofers mounted in a side-firing configuration and the midrange firing forward. The result is a highly portable, yet great sounding speaker system.
The DoubleShot is an evolution of our UpShot speaker, with a second 10-inch driver and 5-inch midrange added to the design. It is, by far, the smallest and lightest 2×10 system available. Its small size belies its outstanding full range sound.
The DoubleShot is also available as part of three combos — read more.

• Designed for acoustic and electric instruments including bass, guitar and keyboards
• Compact, highly portable, cylindrical shape fits in a backpack for transport
• 12 inches diameter, 11 inches wide, 15 pounds, small enough to fit in airline overhead storage bin or under seat
• Two 10-inch broad frequency range custom side-firing drivers
• One 5-inch forward firing midrange driver with level switch
• Two-way asymmetric crossover
• Omnidirectional sound fills the bandstand and venue
• Bumpers allow compact amp head to mount on cabinet
• Rated at 4 ohms, 600W

Technical Specs
Frequency Response
40 Hz – 16 kHz


All AI amps are ordered when you order and typically have a 2 to 4 week lead time.  AI assembles all amps by hand and we’ve found that ordering them as we need them makes sure the most current product ships out to you!


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