Bridge Height Adjusters + Installation Service



Double Bass Bridge Height Adjusters allow you to counteract string changes due to humidity, and allow for quick and easy adjustments of string height.

Please note, we have started using our own anodized aluminum (silver) adjusters, custom made for us by a Connecticut machine shop.


Double Bass Bridge Height Adjusters are an essential addition to your double bass bridge if you’re a traveling musician or live in an area where changing seasons bring different humidity levels. Bridge Adjusters allow you to counteract string changes due to variations in humidity and also allow for quick and easy adjustments of string height (for arco vs. pizzicato playing). With this installation service, the luthiers at Upton Bass will install Bridge Adjusters into your existing well-fitted bass bridge.


Simply ship your bridge to us and we will complete the installation service and return your bridge within 1 business day. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs; return shipping is calculated during checkout. This installation service includes a labor charge of $60 and a $15 charge for the bass bridge adjusters.


Send your bridge and a printout of your order to:
Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
ATTN: Bridge Adjusters
159 Packer Rd
Mystic, CT 06355


*Please note that Upton Bass does not recommend purchasing bridges with adjusters pre-installed. Whether you are an experienced luthier or a novice, this is not the correct way to install a double bass bridge. The bridge should be fitted to your bass before installing adjusters. Installing adjusters before fitting the bridge allows for twisting or turning of the bridge foot, resulting in a fit that is not one hundred percent true.


So why is the upright bass the only instrument in the violin family to have Bridge Adjusters? The answer is simple: size. Have you ever looked closely at a protractor? One degree is pretty small. When Upton Bass first began building double basses we were surprised that over the span of 45 inches, it only takes a one degree cut (89) to allow the ribs to taper from 8 inches at the end block to 7 inches at the neck set. The average 3/4 bass has a string length of 41.5 inches. So if Mother Nature decides to drastically change the humidity and the wood of your double bass changes just the slightest bit, that small wood movement can result in a virtually unplayable bass. Bridge adjusters give the musician the ability to reach down and twist…instantly fixing what mother nature has done, and restoring the beautiful sound of your instrument.

Upton Bass String Instrument Co. specializes in building award-winning custom double basses and offers accessories for the double bass. Upton Bass also services all instruments and bows of the violin family with world class restoration and repair, to view our online restoration portfolio visit

Upton Bass is ready to offer advice and answer any questions regarding double basses or related bass topics. Please contact UB at or call the shop at +1 (860) 535-9399. Hours of operation Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 6pm. The Workshop (The Barn) and showroom are located in Mystic, Connecticut conveniently between Boston and NYC.


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