Double Bass Buyer’s Consultation from Upton Bass



About to press ORDER on that bass bargain online? Get the peace of mind you need with a quick Double Bass Buyer’s Consultation from Upton Bass!

This service has grown out of requests from our customers and friends to help advise when they are looking at double basses locally or online. Get a top luthier’s opinion on that Ebay or Reverb deal, even the bass at the local music shop! We can assess its current value and give you pricing ideas on any repairs or enhancements the bass may need. Let us be part of your plan before those expenses get out of hand.

With our Double Bass Buyer’s Consultation, Upton Bass will provide you with an informational email and are happy to have a follow-up conversation!




Any double bass is a big purchase and the value of each bass largely depends on the condition it’s in. Are we surprised to see a Kay for sale online for $500? Nope, but it may be better suited to being a garden planter! A double bass in terrible shape may take thousands of dollars to make playable, and before long you can pay beyond the price of a better instrument.

Order our Double Bass Consultation service online, then email Upton Bass at with all the information you have at your disposal. Please reference your paid order number in the subject line of your email.

In some cases the information you have may just be the link to an online listing – that’s fine! We can usually assess the condition of the bass and what its market value should be and help you ask the seller the right questions. If you’ve found a diamond in the rough for a great price, we can also help you bring it back to full luster – we love making game plans to save more quality double basses!

Upton Bass can also serve as the freight destination and first stop for your new bass if you decide to purchase. Most used basses could benefit from setup tweaks and new strings – in some cases you may need a couple cracks fixed, a whole new setup or a complete restoration! Let us be part of your plan before those expenses get out of hand.


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