Double Bass Humidifier

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Double Bass Humidifier. Hangs through F-hole. Color may vary.



So now that you have tackled the problem of keeping your house humidified, what to do when you take your bass out of the house? Enter the Double Bass Humidifier!

Autumn has come and the first frost warnings are just around the corner. With nighttime temps dipping into the 40’s, the heaters will soon be clicking “on” and the humidity drops. We generally advocate maintaining a realistic humidity level of 40% where your instrument is stored. The best way to do this is with an evaporative style humidification system that uses a wick to naturally “move” water into the air by the circulation of dry air past the moistened paper filters. There are an ever-growing list of reliable brands, try searching Amazon for starters. Choose a model with the storage capacity and square feet you need…no need to buy the biggest model for a small room! A properly humidified room should not have excess water buildup on your windows. If your windows are covered with water, you are putting too much water in the air.

When properly used, a Dampit is an effective tool. It’s too small to keep your instrument humidified in a large room…but it is perfect for the small environment created when your bass is in the case! If you are at school, or in a situation where you cannot control the humidity of the room your instrument is being stored in, or just want to keep it humidified on your way to a gig or rehearsal, a properly used Dampit will help to keep a micro-environment inside your bass case. Just be sure to follow these steps to make sure you are not causing more troubles than you are trying to protect.

1) Thoroughly saturate the Dampit. There is a sponge core that you are trying to fully hydrate located inside the rubber tubing.

2) Remove excess water. A dripping wet Dampit is a No-No! Towel dry or, my preferred method, swing the Dampit overhead like a lasso. This will remove all excess water, leaving only what the sponge can naturally hold.

3) Place your Dampits inside the ff holes. We recommend the use of two Dampits.

Now we make a point of mentioning properly used Dampits. Some professionals say not to use them at all…and while that extreme point of view may prevent some mistakes from happening, we think it’s like suggesting you not drive because you may get in an accident. If you are careful and use them properly, they are a good tool. If you are careless, this may be your result (click picture to watch YouTube video)

1 review for Double Bass Humidifier

  1. Albert Ehrenfried (verified owner)

    The product (two humidifiers) is fine, came on time, and was immediately put to work. I installed both in one bass as we have a dryness problem with heat still on. I will be playing tonight (jazz) and am anxious to see how the bass performs. nGood wishes. ADE

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