SOLD: A Very Special UB Deluxe HYBRID Double Bass- Carved Top Hybrid Upright Bass


SOLD!!! A very special build from the luthiers at Upton Bass…


From time to time our luthiers build a bass just
to build a bass.  Whether it’s to try out a new idea, push their limits of
technical abilities, or just make the bass that they would want to buy…their
creations are always some of the most exciting basses to hit our showroom floor!

The most recent bass to be built is a very
special Hybrid Deluxe.  The maple choice is English Sycamore…a very well
figured, creamy white maple with fantastic refraction.  The top is a Grade
A from our stock of aged German spruce with a medium to tight grain width.
The top was treated to a very pronounced Italian recurve into the purfling
channel.  This bass is fully inlaid with traditional purfling but includes
our own “Heaving” purfling motif on the front and back…as well as a small
“heave” inlaid on the back at the bottom of the plate.  This bass has been
setup for both Jazz and Orchestral use…perhaps leaning a bit more to the
Orchestral side though with Evah Pirrazi strings and a custom tailpiece to mimic
the “heaving” pattern.

This bass is a one of a kind!  It is ready
for your audition in our Stonington, CT showroom and we would love to discuss
the details of this fine double bass.  Call 1-860-535-9399 to schedule an
appointment to audition this very special creation.

Instrument Photo Gallery:

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Please Note: Discrepancies may occur in the color of the instruments pictured. Monitor settings, screen resolution, lighting, and background all contribute to the latter. As each bass is composed of unique pieces of wood, there are inherent qualities in the wood itself which make each bass slightly different from one and other which must be taken in to account when ordering. All hardware and parts pictured are subject to change and availability. Upton Bass guarantees and stands behind the function and quality of all hardware and parts installed on each and every one of our basses.

Approximate Body Dimensions:
Upper Bout – 19 3/4 inches
C Bout – 15 inches
Lower Bout – 26 1/4 inches
Rib – 7 inches at neck set to 8 inches at endpin
Body Length – 44 3/4 inches
String Length – 42 inches


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