SOLD: Engelhardt EngelKay Double Bass


Fully gone through and ready to go


When this bass walked into our showroom, the owner thought it was a Kay. We did too when they were taking it out of the bag, but when we noticed it had no external linings that was the first “clue” it wasn’t a Kay. A quick peek inside and the Engelhardt label confirmed things. A quick look up of the serial number told us she was made in 1976. It was unplayable, and the owner decided to trade it for a new UB Standard Double Bass instead of putting it back into shape, so off it went to our setup room. It received a new ebony fingerboard, ebony but, bridge with adjusters, Spirocore strings, German endpin, ebony tailpiece with Clef tailgut and a spruce sound post. The bass plays great, with a nice growl to the E string.

When asked “what’s the better deal, this vintage Engelhardt or a new Engelhardt professionally setup for the same money?” we would have to say this one. This Engelhardt is old enough, with enough Kay characteristics, that the value is going UP not down. A new Engelhardt will have a certain amount of depreciation as any dealer can buy them new and compete on setup prices. But a vintage Engelhardt that is soooo close to being a Kay is on the rise, especially with a fresh setup.

Market reality here is “the power of a sticker”. If this bass had a different sticker inside (Kay), the price would most certainly be at least a thousand dollars more.

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