SOLD: Kay Double Bass Viol “89 Model”


1943 Kay Double Bass Serial number 10791.


This Kay Double Bass Viol serial number 10791 was made in 1943. It is
an “89 Model”, a rare Kay of which only around 50 are believed to have
been made. They were most likely Concert (C-1) models. It is suspected that the model 89’s were sold by Sears, Spiegels, Montgomery Ward and other mail order companies. This bass has had a neck replacement, but the original plate tuners were kept and reinstalled. This Kay Double Bass has been worked on
recently by Upton Bass- including a fingerboard plane and dress, a new
nut, bridge with adjusters, rehung tail piece and a soundpost
refitting. Setup with gut strings (plain D and G, wrapped E and A),
this Kay bass is bluegrass and rockabilly heaven! The tone is clean and
dark with a lot of boom. Purcahse includes a light-weight padded bag.


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