SOLD: Kay Double Bass Viol, C1 #10327 1942



Just out of restoration! Kay Double Bass Viol, C1 #10327




Kay Double Bass Viol, C1 #10327

This 1942 C1 Kay Double Bass Viol came into our shop in dire straights.  The neck was broke out and a previous attempt at refinishing it left little to be desired.  The mortise was filled and the neck reset, and the damaged lamination around the button were glued back into place.  We decided a solid ebony crown for the button was the best way to replace the damaged material while keeping true to some of the options often seen on higher end Kay’s of the era.  The thick, solid ebony fingerboard was planed and dressed and a new bridge, soundpost, ebony tailpiece and German endpin were installed.  Setup for bluegrass/roots with Clef Guts, the tone is woody and huge.  The previous attempt at refinishing the bass left the top, back and ribs all of a different shade so our varnish guru Chris applied just the right amount of color to each plate so that everything matched perfectly.  This 67 year old beauty has never looked better, and with these modernizations she will give another 67 years of faithful service!

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