SOLD: Kay Double Bass Viol M2 c1938 sn2192


A rare Kay Bass Viol in fine playable condition!


Kay Double Bass Viol M2 c1938 sn2192

A rare 1938 Kay M2 Bass Viol!  What
makes this Kay rare?  First, 1938 is the first “official” year of
production for Kay, and basses surviving from this early vintage are hard to
come by.  Second, is the M2 model.  Essentially an M2 is really just
an M1…but made specifically for the US Military as a contract instrument.
So this RARE Kay is packed with some great vintage Americana nostalgia!

Pro’s:  This Kay Bass Viol is playable with a sound neck
and the setup has been optimized by a well known luthier.  The laminations
appear strong and the instrument is ready to play!

Con’s: The top was sanded and refinished.  The neck is
not original, but it is a vintage Kay neck.  The tuners are early Klussons
but do not bear the Klusson stamp.

This Kay is setup with D’Addario Helicore Orchestra strings
and aluminum bridge adjusters.


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