SOLD: UB Bohemian Makore Special Double Bass 2013


SOLD: Stunning Bohemian with back, sides, neck and scroll of Makore wood – 2013 ISB Special


This UB Bohemian was specially crafted for the 2013 ISB show in Rochester NY, as a celebration of our Bohemian model and as a showcase of what we can create with exotic woods.

The back, ribs, neck, and scroll were carved from solid curly Makore wood (aka “African Cherry”). The finished Makore shimmers with a remarkable three-dimensional “plaid” and delivers a very dark, punchy sound in a relatively compact package. This very unique fully carved instrument eagerly awaits its first owner…That is if you can pry it away from Gary!  He notes on the tone, “It’s so dark, it’s got this pointed little Juzek sound but with this creamy Italian thing underneath it.”



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