SOLD: UB Professor Special Deluxe Double Bass Opus 64


The UB “Professor” Special Deluxe Bass.  Highest grades of extremely well flamed maple back, neck, and sides, with a hand-carved solid Spruce top.  Hands down, compared to new or old in the same price range…..untouchable.  Come see and hear for yourself.


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This UB Professor Special Deluxe Double Bass, crafted from the
choicest material and expertly setup, belonged to a customer who took
advantage of the Upton Bass Upgrade Trade-in Program. Now a proud owner
of an English made Martin
3/4 Double Bass
, this UB Professor Special Deluxe (Opus 64) is
available at our Boston location. Complete with bridge adjusters,
special cello-peg style tuners, Thomastik Spirocores (Weichs) and a
German-made endpin, this fully carved, beautiful instrument is ready
for its next proud owner!!


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