Upton Bass Adjustable / Removable Neck Upgrade


Our patented adjustable/removable neck system on your UB Double Bass.

$2750 – This price only when ordered in conjunction with an Upton Bass, some sizing and model restrictions apply.

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The Upton Bass Adjustable/Removable Neck System was developed by Upton Bass to provide both the option of packing down your instrument for travel, plus the advantage of changing string heights on the fly without bridge adjusters. This robust system has been road tested by some of our favorite world-traveling players and has proven its reliability and ease of use.

Some players, Gary Karr for example, opt for the adjustable neck simply to retain the tonal clarity of a solid bridge without adjusters. Others, like the perpetually touring Eric Revis, pack the instrument into a flight case 40% smaller than traditional double bass flight cases. The beauty of the Upton Bass system is that it can be installed in the instrument of your choice, from light travel builds to giant jazz cannons. And once on the gig, you have a real bass instead of compromising all night with a gimmicky substitute.

Price does not include travel case, call us as several options can be applied. If specified, your double bass can be built “ultralight” and weigh under 50lbs  with case for travel.

Call us today to discuss making your next double bass at +1 (860) 535-9399

PLEASE NOTE: This is an upgrade option to a custom bass build and not an
actual bass.


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