Velvet: Garbo Double Bass Strings


Velvet Garbo Double Bass Strings: great articulation and a clean, complex sound. Constructed of copper-wound silk core; ideal for both pizz or arco.

Velvet Strings are a specialty product.  We try to keep them in stock but availability may vary. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Velvet Garbo Double Bass Strings have a punchy dark sound and big vibrant volume. Constructed of a silk core wound with polyester and copper, Garbo strings are thick in diameter and have a feel similar to gut. The string winding offers tone extension making it ideal for the ultimate jazz or pizzicato player. Garbo’s solid core features a unique tone especially in the mid to lower frequency range, offering rich harmonics that are clear and assertive with the familiar “kick” as the note begins. Velvet Garbo Double Bass Strings can produce a fullness of tone and penetration which is simply unbeatable.

Velvet Garbo Double Bass Strings are available in two tensions: Light or Medium (recommended for most players). PLEASE MAKE YOUR TENSION SELECTION IN THE CUSTOMIZATION TAB ABOVE BEFORE ADDING THE ITEM TO YOUR CART.

Gary’s Thoughts: Velvet Garbo Double Bass Strings are a really cool string for a big thumpy traditional jazz sound. Our favorite Velvet string at Upton Bass, especially for jazz, roots, or dixie styles. Roots (rockabilly, bluegrass, folk) players enjoy the ease of playability and pop when slapped. Garbo’s are similar to Anima’s, but with a little more bite, umph, and a thicker “gut-like” diameter. Garbo’s just aren’t as bow-able as Anima’s.


  • Velvet Garbo strings have a big thumpy traditional jazz sound
  • Great choice for roots styles
  • Garbo’s Silk core plays with ease

Technical Info:

  • Tension-25 Kgs per string
  • Velvet Garbo G string-Polyester winding
  • Velvet Garbo D string-Polyester and copper winding
  • Velvet Garbo A and E strings-copper windings

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