Acoustic Image UpShot Combo with Clarus Head for Double Bass

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Acoustic Image is not taking new orders for now – will update! Thanks – UB, Spring ‘23

The Acoustic Image UpShot Combo bundles your choice of Clarus amplifier plus the UpShot speaker cab. Shown below with the Clarus SL-R option.


Acoustic Image UpShot Combo

Acoustic Image UpShot Combo


The UpShot Combo double bass amp from Acoustic Image bundles the UpShot speaker cabinet with the Clarus head of your choice.

The Acoustic Image UpShot Combo consists of the UpShot speaker and one of our SL-class integrated amplifiers. The combo is created by mounting the amp to a unique sliding bracket that is attached to the UpShot speaker. The unit can be transported in the “docked” position. When ready for use, the amp is put in the “deployed” position by loosening a thumbscrew, sliding the bracket into position and raising the head for connection.

Three versions are available:

UpShot-Clarus SL = UpShot plus 600W Clarus SL (one channel, no effects), mounting bracket and short speaker cable
UpShot-Clarus SL-R = UpShot plus 600W Clarus SL-R (one channel with effects), mounting bracket and short speaker cable
UpShot-Clarus SL-2 = UpShot plus 600W Clarus SL-2 (two channels, no effects), mounting bracket and short speaker cable

  • 4 ohms
  • Max Continuous Power: 600W
  • Max SPL: >118 db at 1 m
  • Drivers: 2×10 inch side-firing custom 
1×5 inch forward-firing custom w/ level switch
  • Crossover: Two-way second order asymmetric
  • Enclosure: 12 inches diameter, 11 inches wide
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Input: Neutrik Speakon wired to pole 1

Upton Impressions:

We got our hands on an Upshot and we love it!  It’s a great addition to any bass rig and if you use it with just the head at a small volume and put the speaker behind the bass, it sounds and looks like you are playing acoustically.  For a bigger stage setting it be used as your own secondary monitor cabinet. Very cool addition to anybody’s toolkit.

From Acoustic Image:

The design was inspired by storied New York bassist Harvie S. Harvie has been testing a prototype in various venues in NYC and has concluded “The speaker is changing the whole way a bass player lives. I’m on my first gig with it and everyone loves the sound of it. I walked in just carried it like I was carrying a small briefcase. This thing is so great.” And after a gig at the Kitano in NYC, he sent this note: “I played a trio gig last night at the Kitano. I used the [UpShot] and everyone said it was the best bass sound they ever heard in that room. Most people thought that I didn’t have an amp but they could hear the bass perfect.” He has shown the UpShot to guitar players and keyboard players and they all want one of their own.

All AI amps are ordered when you order and typically have a 2 to 4 week lead time.  AI assembles all amps by hand and we’ve found that ordering them as we need them makes sure the most current product ships out to you!


1 review for Acoustic Image UpShot Combo with Clarus Head for Double Bass

  1. James (verified owner)

    This is brilliant. Easy to travel to gigs with, simple set up, and outstanding warm, rich, and accurate sound reproduction. I use a Revolution pickup through a Fishman Platinum Pro Pre-amp, and it sounds BEAUTIFUL. Playing PIzz jazz mostly and it gets the nuance and action perfectly. A far better solution then my previous three experiments with other amps.

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