Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings + Gut Oil Combo Deal



25% off Clef Gut Oil when ordered with Clef Gut Strings, extend the life of your set.


Get 25% off Gut Oil when you order along with your Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings! Gut String Oil is highly recommended to extend the life of your set.


Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings are a high quality European-made gut double bass string with a classic tone and stability that is sure to last. Handcrafted gut strings are unheard of at this price point, as similar gut string sets cost over $400. These double bass strings are handmade by European craftsman using only mutton serosa (sheep intestine). Mutton gives a lower tension, softer feel, and warm rich tones within the string. It is far too delicate to process by machine, and even the twisting of the strands into a string is done by hand—it’s the only way to properly judge the tension of the string.


Gary’s Thoughts: Whether you play bluegrass, rockabilly, or baroque music, you owe it to yourself to play on an full set of authentic all gut double bass strings. Or if you’re a jazz player looking for that classic “Paul Chambers” tone, these Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings are for you.

As gut strings are a natural product, time of usefulness is an unknown.  Weather, pH of user, care, musical style, etc. can all diminish longevity. We’ve heard of breaking after 30-60 days and we’ve heard of them lasting years. Our Jack Hanlon’s are quite old, but he’s religious about oiling them. 






  • Highest quality gut string for the price
  • Lower tension is easy to play
  • Great old school sound


Technical Information:


  • String Diameter (in millimeters): E 4.5, A 3.7, D 2.8, G 2.1
  • Please note: these dimensions are for uninstalled Clef Gut strings. Strings may thin under tension. If you are moving from a light gauge steel string to a larger gauge gut string, modifications to the bridge and nut may be necessary to accommodate the larger string diameter.
  • Clef Musical Manufacturing Corporation imports these fantastic double bass gut strings at a great price. However, due to changing global markets, we have seen increases in the cost of our gut strings over the years. Although this is unfortunate, Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings are still an outstanding quality gut string at a modest price.


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