SOLD: Kay M1 Double Bass c1949


SOLD!! Complete fanatical restoration just completed by Upton!


1949 Kay M1 with a fresh over-the-top restoration from your crazy pals at
Upton Bass!
This one’s for the Kay Fanatics out there! A show piece with great vintage tone and looks with the feel of a perfectly set up modern bass.

Kay M1 Bass Serial 19049. Completely overhauled by Eric Rene Roy: Top off with new ply liner set in top, replacing delaminations. New bass bar carved and set. The neck was in good shape, but the neck set was modernized with a newly carved neck block and better projection. This will safeguard against the heel issues that are so common to Kays. Brand new honkin’ thick ebony board, nut and tailpiece. Brand new top quality Upton Bass bridge. Chris our finish guru painstakingly restored the original coloration (left are a few old scrapes and dings, it is in its sixties after all). All in all, one of the sweetest Kay Hot Rods you’re liable to find, ready for another half-century!


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