SOLD: Joseph Pauli Double Bass 1840 Bohemia

Label: Josephus Pauli me fecit Linci 1840

Pauli, Joseph: Linz. B c 1770 in Tachov (in Bohemia), d. 7-3-1846. Settled before 1812 in Linz, bust must have worked in Vienna, as his instruments reveal.  Some violins seem influenced by Johann Georg Thir.  The basic patterns were Amati and Stainer, but his model is longer and more robust.  Good material: red-brown varn. without lustre.  (K. Jalovec)



  • Upper Bout: 20.25″
  • C Bout: 14.5″
  • Lower Bout: 25″
  • Rib Depth: 6.75 – 8″
  • Length of Back: 42″
  • String Length: 43.25″



Joseph Josephus Pauli Double Bass 1840 Bohemia

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