Double Bass Verbal Appraisal by Upton Bass

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Double Bass Verbal or Email Appraisal by Upton Bass

Are you looking for a rough value of your double bass? Maybe you have found an old Kay or vintage bass that needs an appraisal?  Something you think is a priceless relic, or just want to know what you have?  Literally hundreds of our customers email or call us with questions or send pictures of their instrument, asking for a resale price or repair estimate.

AFTER your verbal/eMail appraisal order has been placed – take very clear, detailed pictures that are sized under 1 MB each and eMail them to

Please reference your order number in the subject line of your email. After your order is processed we will examine the pictures and contact you with our opinion on your instrument by email, typically within 72 hours, HOWEVER, some basses will require more time. With this service, you can officially say “Upton Bass said it’s worth“.

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The following pictures are meant as a guide (COLOR shots are perfect) to show you what we need to see in order to complete your Double Bass Verbal Appraisal. Please copy the pictures as best as you can with your camera and bass. Plain backgrounds are best with adequate lighting. Please try not to use a flash as hotspots on the instrument can make it difficult to evaluate.

We MUST have the following
eight (8) shots in order to perform this service for you.

You may print these instructions by clicking here

We do also offer a full written appraisal certificate on letterhead and includes three professional digital photos. We charge $250 for instruments under $10,000 USD and then 2% of the instruments value over $10,000.  The instrument MUST be in hand for this service, it cannot be conducted by eMail.

*Please see pictures of our double bass above for examples of what we need.  Upton Bass will contact you with any further required images.  Also, please notate any clear damage and send limited pictures of damaged areas as damages will affect the estimated price. 

Contact us with any questions about our verbal/email bass appraisal program at 860-535-9399  Rough values or opinions of instruments will not be discussed until we have received payment, unless however you are at one of our walk-in locations in which case a $75 “bench fee” is charged for repair evaluation, our bench fee is applied to any service that we render on your instrument.


It’s important to us at Upton Bass to offer you the best service in the business and this service fee enables us to give you the attention you deserve for you and your bass.

Thank you

1 review for Double Bass Verbal Appraisal by Upton Bass

  1. Monte Asbury (verified owner)

    I should have done this years ago! Learned more about my bass and its relationship to the changing bass market in half an hour on the phone with Gary than I have learned in most decades. Strongly recommended!

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