Double Bass Verbal Appraisal by Upton Bass

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Double Bass Verbal/Email Appraisal by Upton Bass

Are you looking for the current value of your double bass? Maybe you have found an old Kay or vintage bass and need a professional opinion? With our Verbal Appraisal Service we answer the fundamental questions about your double bass – where it was made, when it was made, the condition and market value. It’s as easy as taking some good pics and letting us review!

We use the term “verbal appraisal” for the quick version – to differentiate from a “bench appraisal” where we physically inspect the bass at our shop and write up an assessment with photos. Our Verbal Appraisal Service can be done completely online and over the phone, while our in-person Bench Appraisal is the better choice for insurance coverage of fine instruments. We’ve also added a new service – the Double Bass Buyer’s Consultation, where we can give you straight answers on an instrument you may want to buy from any source.


What do we need?

Once you have ordered your Verbal Appraisal Service, take a good a set of pictures and email them to us at

Please reference your paid order number in the subject line of your email. Describe what you may know about the instrument, any repairs, damages, etc. After your order is processed we will look at your materials and contact you with our opinion on your instrument by email, typically within 72 hours. We’re also happy to follow up on the phone! Some rare basses may require more time. With this service, you can officially say, “Upton Bass said it’s worth X…

Guide To Taking Pictures of Your Bass:

Nowadays your phone should suffice! Try to take pictures with a plain or neutral background, with natural light. The following examples were taken in a studio – not necessary, but use them for reference. In addition to these main pictures, please note or photograph any damage, any cracks, open seams or neck damage/repair.

We need the following 8 shots to perform this service for you:

Upton Bass will contact you with any other picture requests!

Contact us with any questions about our verbal/email bass appraisal program at (860) 535-9399

This service is not intended for commercial shops or a written insurance appraisal. 

It’s important to us at Upton Bass to offer you the best service in the business and this service fee enables us to give you the attention you deserve for you and your bass.

1 review for Double Bass Verbal Appraisal by Upton Bass

  1. Monte Asbury (verified owner)

    I should have done this years ago! Learned more about my bass and its relationship to the changing bass market in half an hour on the phone with Gary than I have learned in most decades. Strongly recommended!

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