Bass Bow Hair Hank- CHESTNUT for 1 Bow Rehair



Medium/Course texture CHESTNUT horse hair for double bass bow re-hair. Pre-tied and sealed with cyanoacrylate. Unfinished product, bundled by volume.

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CHESTNUT bass bow hair hank

Medium/Course texture CHESTNUT horse hair for double bass bow re-hair*

Chestnut is SUPER stretchy and high tension.  It makes for a slightly bouncy and “excited” bow.  It can sometimes take the full travel distance of the frog to get to tension, and as a result, will not last as long as black or white hair.  This hair is not for everyone, so if you have a secondary bow, its a fun experiment for it.

Upton Bass bow hair is pre-tied at the narrow end of the hair with strong nylon thread and sealed with cyanoacrylate for superior holding. The bass bow re-hair experts at Upton Bass will pre-tie your hank at the end intended for the tip of the bass bow. All bow hair has taper to it, and in our opinion and experience a better bow rehair is achieved with the thicker end of the bow hair in the frog.

Our hank of chestnut bass bow hair is ready to be inserted into the tip mortise of your bow (if you rehair frog to tip, our pre-tied plug will need to be cut in order to achieve the proper bend).

Our bass bow hair is bundled by VOLUME, not weight. Selling by weight is inaccurate and can leave you without enough hair to have a full and wide ribbon.

*This is an unfinished product that must be installed. Upton Bass offers you the same hair we use in our shop daily due to popular request, but we do not offer advice or instruction on how to re-hair your bow.

Upton Bass is a double bass specialty company located in Mystic, Connecticut. We are ready to offer advice and answer any questions you have regarding your double bass, strings for your double bass, or related topics. Any questions? Email or call our shop at (860) 535-9399. Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.


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