Double Bass Bridge Height Adjusters PAIR



Upton Bass aluminum double bass bridge adjusters.



Our double bass bridge height adjusters are made of high strength aluminum.

Upton Bass now makes its own bass bridge adjusters! For years we simply bought bridge adjusters from other companies and noticed variations in batch quality and availability. After installing thousands of adjusters* over the years, we formed well-informed opinions on what needed to be changed and incorporated into the double bass bridge adjusters’ design. We designed our double bass bridge adjusters with a number of proprietary points that make our Upton Bass bridge adjusters some of the best transparent-sounding bridge adjusters on the market!

These are the same Double Bass Bridge adjusters we use on a daily basis at our Upton Bass shop. Threads are 1/4-20

*Please note that bass bridge adjusters are not a do-it-yourself installation process (despite the suggestions of some online retailers, that do not actually repair basses!!!!). For the small cost of $75 the trained bass luthiers at Upton Bass will install them on your bass bridge. Double bass bridges can be shipped to us from anywhere in the world.




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