Corelli: 370M Double Bass Strings



Corelli 370M Double Bass Strings: This thin gauge string is rich enough for most bowing situations and cutting enough to play jazz or country.


Corelli 370M Double Bass Strings are the result of several innovating technologies applied to their composition and winding process. They have a thinner gauge that is very flexible, easy to play, and has a quick response. The high precision of their diameter offers a perfect tuning accuracy, thanks to lasers and advanced computer techniques. Corelli 370M Double Bass Strings are made of Tungsten wound set on a steel core. This set (370F also) is an excellent all-around set that’s good for jazz and bluegrass; you can even bow them with general ease. The 370 set is Corelli’s most popular set as its tone is rich enough for most bowing situations and cutting enough to play jazz or country.

Corelli 370M is labelled a Medium tension set, although it is more similar to Soft or Light in the string world. 370F (Forte) and 370TX (Extra-Forte) are also available by special order by calling Upton Bass at +1 (860) 535-9399.


  • Great for pizz and arco
  • Flexible and esay to play
  • Steel core wrapped in tungsten


Upton Bass String Instrument Co. specializes in building award-winning custom double basses and offers accessories for the double bass. Upton Bass also services all instruments and bows of the violin family with world class restoration and repair, to view our online restoration portfolio visit

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