K&K Bass Max Double Bass Pickup

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KK Bass Max Pickup for Double Bass ensures an even transmission from the strings and from the body of the bridge with all its frequencies.


K&K Bass Max Pickup is a double bass transducer designed for a “quick wedge-mount” in one bridge wing.

Its unique sandwich design features a layered construction of two piezo crystals, one facing up and one down, which ensures an even transmission from the strings and from the body of the bridge with all its frequencies.

The K&K Bass Max is located vertically to the vibrations and therefore transmits at a high volume. We recommend Bass Max for musicians playing both arco and pizzicato styles, as it transmits a broader mid frequency range. This enables the musician to change his playing modes without having to adjust the amplifier. The connection jack is held in place by a special attachment clamp mounted at the A and D strings between string-holder and bridge.

One Bass Max will evenly pick up the tone range of the double bass. A big plus is the Bass Max’s superb compatibility with smaller bass combo amps.

K&K Bass Max Pickup Features:

  • Mechanical stability and sturdiness
  • High output signal
  • Balanced transmission over the whole tone range with just one Bass Max
  • Rich harmony in reproduction of both arco and pizzicato
  • Mantled cable eliminates disturbance

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Output impedance: high ohmic
  • Output: 1/4″
  • Connection cable length: 6″

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1 review for K&K Bass Max Double Bass Pickup

  1. Don Barry

    Works well, easier to mount than sanding down a Revolution, plenty of volume, very bright on acro, but tone controls fix that.
    I use mine with a Fishman Platinum preamp.

    [NOTE FROM UPTON BASS: The K&K is set size, so if it does not fit into your bridge wing gap as is, the bridge must be removed and accurately cut on a band saw to accommodate the pickup. Once the cut is made, you will need to either shim the pickup to get a tight fit or sand more material off of the wing gap. Keeping all of these cuts square is important for overall good tone and can be difficult if you are not a seasoned wood worker. On the other hand, if your wing gap is too large for the K&K, you will need to graft wood or fit shims. Either way, it is our opinion that taking 4 or 5 minutes to sand down a 1 inch square of soft spruce that the Revolution Solo is made of is far easier than cutting wood off your bridge and/or grafting and shimming. Of course we are biased! The Bass Max is a good pickup and “right” for some people…we just think the Rev Solo is better.]

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