Double Bass C-Extension: The Upton Bass Low C Extension

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Upton Bass can build a low extension exactly to your requirements, leaving the scroll intact.

Starting at $2,300 for Upton Basses. Includes one gate at the nut.

Additional gates are priced at $300 Each. Custom C-Extensions for basses other than Upton basses vary in price according to the scroll type and complexity. For a quote, please contact


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We’ve worked hard to perfect our double bass C-extension. We think it has evolved into the smartest, most playable extension for your contrabass available. 

The Upton Bass C-Extension represents a fundamental rethink of this popular contrabass option. Primarily, the Upton Bass C-Extension was conceived and designed to have no structural impact to your scroll. None whatsoever – no cuts, no notches, no drill holes. The Upton Bass C-Extension stays securely in place entirely through string pressure and meticulous fitting to the scroll’s contours.

For musicians our goal was to make the Upton Bass C-Extension the most playable extension available, allowing the hand to access the extended fingerboard or quickly flip your preferred combination of gates. We’ve seen many bass players transition to a single E-gate which we count as a reward for our efforts!

With superior ergonomics and weight savings, our C-extensions are also compact enough to fit in a standard size bass bag. Lastly, our same beautiful and highly figured woods can be carved into extensions that complement your new instrument’s beauty, with a well-integrated thick ebony playing surface.

Every C-extension is provided with a traditional nut so the extension can be removed and the bass restrung with relative ease.

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or call us at 860-535-9399 to discuss this or any Upton Bass double
bass upgrade option.


2 reviews for Double Bass C-Extension: The Upton Bass Low C Extension

  1. Robert Hall

    I had the Upton crew put one of these C-extensions on a Hawkes Hybrid. I received it a couple of weeks ago and have been testing it ever since. And, I must say that great care was taken in the design and implementation of this extension and bass. The extension produces a strong and solid low end. It is a very impressive C-Extension. Although, I might suggest that a thin layer of some type of isolation (perhaps rubber) be placed between the wood of the extension and the scroll to reduce rattles. But, overall this bass with the extension performs far and above other basses in this price range. Thanks Very Much!

    A layer of cork actually sits between the maple extension and the scroll to reduce vibrations. I believe the \”rattles\” you are hearing are the string oscillating on the extension. To make an extension not do this, the string heights would have to be VERY high. Enjoy your bass!

  2. Matthew Pfeuffer

    About three months ago I got the Upton Bass C-Extension put on my Upton Bass Professor Deluxe. I had always wanted a C-Extension for my orchestral playing and finally got the chance to do it. Honestly, I could not be more happier with the purchase. This C-Extension is so innovate and well designed. The low end tone it gives my bass is literally ground shaking. There is no better feeling then letting all the gates go and pounding out a couple low C’s.

    However, in all seriousness, I would recommend this particular C-Extension to anyone who is looking for one. The first amazing thing about this C-Extension is that it doesn’t require drilling throughout the headstock of the bass. The guys at Upton Bass have found a way not to puncture your beautiful bass and still maintain a high quality C-Extension. The second thing the look/design. Incredibly player friendly, this C-Extension is very easy to get around. And finally the C-Extension actually comes off easily! For whatever reason, if you didn’t want it on anymore, you just simple take the string off and the C-Extension comes with it!

    A must have for any serious orchestral player or any player in general because of the demands of modern playing on the double bass.

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