Upton Cello, Montegnana Model Violoncello 2015


Based on our Montagnana form, this cello was built for a master musician and educator.

Most of our cellos are custom built and go directly to the artist. If you’ve been interested in learning more about the Upton Cello, this is a rare chance to audition one at your leisure in our showroom. This instrument has been expertly broken in and cared for.




Upton Cello, Montegnana Model Violoncello 2015

This young Upton Cello has been expertly played in. As new condition, an excellent example of everything we hoped for in our own violoncello. With a full tonal spectrum and plenty of bass, the Upton Cello brings a new build perspective to this classic instrument.

The Upton Cello began with a simple idea – by approaching the building of the cello from a bass making perspective, instead of that of the violin maker. Who else to be inspired by than the great Venetian master Domenico Montagnana? This instrument was built for and started its journey in the hands of a master musician and educator.

“Six weeks have passed and I’m still in awe of my Upton Cello.  I have owned or still do own a Vuillaume, a Pier Fantoni and two beautiful English cellos.  This cello brings together the best qualities of those instruments.  It sings at the top, shakes earth at the bottom and combines ease of playing with over-all evenness.  I find new colors each day.  What a wonderful responsibility to be the one to bring out it’s voice.” – John Ehrlich, Professor Emeritus of Cello, Drake University


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