SOLD: ARY France French Style Double Bass Bow


Pernambuco double bass bow from the renowned workshop ARY FRANCE.


Renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, this ARY FRANCE double
bass bow is no exception. Perfect for an advanced student, this
well-balanced bow is crafted from fine pernambuco and features a nickel
mounted ebony frog adorned with a Parisienne eye and slide of abalone
and a three piece button. The stick is round, tapering to octagonal at
the silver/leather wrap. This bow has recently been cleaned, polished
and rehaired (silver) at our Boston shop. Comfortable under the hand
and surprisingly light-weight with a quick response, this bow offers
effortless playability while drawing a full, even tone.


Stick: Pernambuco, round in
shape and tapering to octagonal at wrap
Frog: Ebony, nickel mounted
and fully lined. Parisienne eye of abalone with an abalone slide. Three
part button.
Wrap: Silver wire with lizard
skin thumb leather
Measurements: Hair: 20.5″,
Overall Length: 26.25″, Balance Point: 8.5″, Weight: 119.3gms


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