SOLD: Bohemian Upright Bass Double Bass


Bohemian Double Bass




We judge this bass to be a Bohemian double bass, it’s origins somewhere in the western two-thirds of the traditional Czech Lands.  It was created with the type of wood we wish could get our hands on today, with a beautiful broad flame complimenting the shape of the upright bass.

The relief carving of the lower wings of the f holes shows fine attention to detail in the overall making of the instrument.  The L figured neck sides and back are very well matched and have a beautiful broad flame.  The spruce of the top of this Bohemian double bass is a nice tight grain spruce – a pleasure to look at.

The top of the bass has a crack here and there, but nothing to worry about overly much considering the quality of the double bass.


E flat Neck

String Length: 41 1/2″

Upper Bout: 20 1/2″

Lower Bout: 25 1/2″

Rib depth at neck: 5 3/4″

Rib depth at center of C bout: 7 3/4″

Rib depth at Endblock: 7 3/4″

Length of Body: 43″

We really like this upright bass – we think it would be worth quite a bit more with some work invested in it, but at the moment the owner is keeping it as it is.


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