SOLD: Kay Double Bass Viol Model C1 c1951


Fresh out of restoration!!!


This Kay Bass Viol came into our shop in pieces. It’s back and ribs were separated (delaminating). Before we had it the back was sanded down to the raw wood and it’s edge’s laminations were badly damaged. Upton Bass repressed the back on a form adding a new layer of poplar laminate around the rim. The top was partially off the ribs and in very poor condition. We removed the bass bar as it was falling off anyways, and two layers of original laminate were peeled off (like a sunburn). We re-pressed the top with two new layers of poplar and a new spruce bass bar was chalk fit into place. We secured the loose linings and rib joints then closed the body. After filling the neck mortise with spruce, we reset the neck, chalk fitting it for a better fit than it had from the original factory. Having completely rebuilt the body we proceeded to our varnish stage. Because the ribs and scroll still had it’s original varnish intact, we were able to match the color and lightly antiqued it to match it up nicely. Our setup luthiers have this bass finished and she’s in better shape than the day she was made. We’re proud of this one… Upton Bass is the only shop in the world currently repressing Kay plates with new material. We’re confident we gave this bass another fifty plus years of trouble free playing!


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