SOLD: Kay M1 Double Bass serial SN 49607 from 1964

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This is a Kay M1 double bass, serial #49607 , from 1964 in excellent condition with it’s original neck and a one piece heel.

1 review for SOLD: Kay M1 Double Bass serial SN 49607 from 1964

  1. paul turner

    I just recieved my 1964 Kay M-1 and I couldnt be more pleased. It was obvious from my first phone conversation with with you that I had found a guy who knows and loves basses. Same goes for Jack, who answered all my questions, made great recomendations and did a super setup job on my bass (and is quite dashing in his Upton Bass t-shirt, I might add). I must admit, it’s a bit nervwracking to commit to dropping a bundle of cash over the internet for something with as many subjective qualities as a stringed instrument. I had nothing more to go on than a photograph, the Kay reputation and my initial impression of your operation. Everything, from your well constructed web site to your fine choice of air freight company, to the superbly set up bass, totally lived up to my expectations. Upton Bass rocks!

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