The Gary Karr DoubleBass Book 1



The Gary Karr DoubleBass Book 1 With Music by Alice Spatz


Gary Karr DoubleBass Book 1

Gary Karr DoubleBass Book 1

The Gary Karr DoubleBass Book 1 is a must have for students of the acoustic bass.  This book focuses on bass posture, bow placement and bow speed using harmonics exclusively.  It contains many photographs and tells you what to focus on in detail for each lesson.  The book is filled with simple, original compositions by Alice Spatz which progressively challenge new elements of proper bowing technique. An excellent resource book for teachers, this volume is intended for beginning bassists.

Bryan’s thought’s on the Gary Karr Double Bass Book 1 –
  • “This method book should be in every teacher’s rotation for young students of the bass.  The pictures and descriptions are fabulous and it focuses on the fundamentals of bowing technique and creating just a basic “Good Sound”.  Gary Karr’s Book 1 really drives the importance of this home.”
  • “Great bass playing is more about HOW a note sounds than WHAT note you play.  When I was young, I used to start every practice session with a metronome and a bow and just played long tones and harmonics for 20 minutes a day.  8 slow clicks from the frog to the center of the bow.  8 slow clicks to the end and the same going back.”

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