UB Klöz Model Double Bass


With its wide and rounded features, almost symmetrical upper and lower bouts, this compact bass has found a broad array of fans from chamber music to bluegrass.

This tidy design is the most popular of our Custom Commission instruments, which began with a 2012 project to build a copy of a 1700s Matthias Klotz contrabass from a complete set of tracings.

The 41″ string length gives a very quick feel with depth and projection from the deep ribs and flat back. The large upper bout adds to the air volume and gives the player an immediate sound response. A pearl of a bass that always invites you to play – we keep getting requests for it!  Please call the shop for pricing and availability: +1 (860) 535-9399.

This model began as a special project for customer John Anderson who brought us tracings of a Matthias Klotz bass dated to the 1700s.

John had taken tracings of the Klotz instrument belonging to the great Russian bassist (and Eddie Gomez protege) Yuri Golubev over an extended dinner and discussion of vintage instruments.  After years of searching for the right collaborator, in 2012 John commissioned Upton Bass to work from these drawings and build his dream double bass.

Fairly compact with elegant lines, we built the instrument with the same ergonomic geometry of our modern UB models, and the result is a truly exceptional instrument.

A stout, proud instrument that excels in the depth of tone for an instrumentalist looking for a double bass of smaller stature.

Featured Builds:


A smaller wide-bout patterned double bass copied from an original 1700s Matthias Kloz tracing, an Upton Bass take on an early Mittenwald / Tyrolean style upright bass.



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