Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi Slap Gold Gut Set Double Bass Strings

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This is the Evah Golds with the real gut D and G and the synthetic wrapped E and A.

Evah Piazzi Slap Gut Double Bass Strings were designed especially for Rockabilly and Slap bass players by the famous slap bassist, Nicolas Dubouchet.

We have found the tension to not lend itself to Rockabilly, but to be a fine choice looking for a trad jazz feel, similar to Carlos Enriquez’ Eudoxa set.


The NEW Evah Pirazzi Slap Double Bass String set by Pirastro are available now. Be among the first to play this exciting new set that was designed especially for Rockabilly and Slap bass players by the famous french slap bassist, Nicolas Dubouchet.


    • The Evah Pirazzi Slap set is a unique blend of modern and traditional core materials, combining a plain gut G and D with a synthetic core chrome steel wound A and E.
    • The tone is dark and rich with great projection which is ideal for slap style but also great for old-school pizzicato.
    • The tension is low and even across the entire fingerboard.
    • The plain gut G and D of the Evah Pirazzi Slap set are made of sheep gut using new techniques which allow for reduced playing-in-time and increased tuning stability without losing the beauty of the gut sound.
    • The core material of the A and E consists of a new synthetic material that we have co-developed with our supplier and which we obtain exclusively. The A and E strings are then precision wound with a finely polished chrome steel flat wire.
    • This new core material offers an unmatched wide range of sounds, is absolutely insensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and offers the musician an unparalleled dynamic range.
    • The design of each individual string has been carefully matched to one another allowing for effortlessly smooth transitions from string to string without any tonal break between the plain gut D and synthetic A.

Upton Bass’ setup luthier, Jack Hanlon, has tried these strings out and had the following to say: “I think these are a better choice for Jazz bassits looking for an affordable and more easily sourced Eudoxa set like the Carlos Henriquez set. The tension for fast rockabilly slap is a bit too high, I perfer a lighter tension like the Clef Guts.”


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1 review for Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi Slap Gold Gut Set Double Bass Strings

  1. Andy Reid (verified owner)

    Early jazz and swing bassist here. These are my go-to. I slap with them a little, but I like them best for the earthy, percussive tone when I pluck them. They do require some upkeep: trimming of loose hairs, and occasional oiling, which is to be expected from gut strings, of course.

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