SOLD: UB Concert Deluxe Double Bass – Carved Upright Bass


Take the UB Concert and make it out of figured domestic maple, and what do you get…The UB Concert Deluxe Double Bass.  How does a round back differ in sound?  Call us 860-535-9399


You’ve put in the hours of rehearsal. You’ve given countless recitals, lessons, and performances. You’ve suffered for years with basses that just don’t have that “human” sound. You’ve been searching for just the right bass…You’ve come to the right place.

The UB Concert Deluxe offers the same spirit and strength in tone as the professor bass but with a bit more sophistication and a touch more depth and darkness.  Please call us to discuss any of your questions 860-535-9399

The UB Concert Deluxe is a hand-carved instrument for double bassists
looking for rich, warm tonal fireworks of a vintage instrument without the
worries of  costly repairs and maintenance or inevitable restoration work.
Only our best quality spruce is used for the top, while well seasoned maple is hand-selected for the round back, sides
& neck.  Completely hand graduated to our own proven patterns and
thicknesses for a tonally superior instrument while maintaining our eye for a
“well engineered” design that will withstand not only your lifetime, but the
lifetimes of the musicians who onw the instrument after you. The UB Concert
is varnished in the Italian tradition, utilizing the varnish as a preserving agent which is meant to protect the wood as opposed to suffocating tone like spirit or lacquered varnishes do. Top quality hardware and ebony is installed on each and every UB Concert
Deluxe, and of course every bass includes the full, highly acclaimed “Upton Bass Setup”.

While every Upton Bass is custom made for it’s owner, the purchase of a
Concert Deluxe is meant to give the performance and aesthetics of any of the
contemporary instrument makers living today, but at a budget most musicians can
attain.  With makers today commanding $25K, $35K and even $50K asking
prices, it is comforting to know you can expect the same level of instrument at
a fraction of those prices.  If you are considering the purchase of a
handmade double bass in at the highest level, we urge you to give our Master
Luthiers a call to discuss your double bass needs.


All Upton Basses come standard with our 41.5 inch string length and a D neck.  However as each bass is custom made for every client, we offer our basses with many custom configuration possibilities. Upton Bass offers all of our basses with string lengths of 42″, 41 1/2″, & 41″
(and 40.5″ if 5/8 configuration)  All of our string lengths can be configured with your choice of a D or Eb (e flat) neck.  We can also make all of our basses as left handed instruments, truly crafted for the lefty bass player.  Five stings are also a common customization with either a low B or high C string.  Outside of our customizations we also offer many upgrades and add-ons: please visit our UB Bass Upgrade Options Page.  Do you have an idea? Something you don’t see listed on our site?  Please call us at 1-860-535-9399 to discuss customizing your Upton Bass.

 Why struggle with unsatisfactory tone any longer? Own the double bass of your dreams today!


UB Concert Deluxe Double Bass, (above) shown with violin corner
upgrade, solo body pattern and full depth ribs.


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