SOLD: UB Concert “Five-8ths” Poplar Double Bass


This custom build was so successful we just have to offer it as a “stock” build!


In the sea of large, bold double basses, smaller musicians find themselves at a disadvantage. They either struggle with instruments that are too large for them to get the tone they desire, or they compromise on tone to play a more manageable instrument.

Our 5/8’s size fully carved Concert double bass has been paired up with a poplar
back and sides.  Poplar has a warm, dark sound and when coupled with the
smaller air volume of a 5/8 corpus, you can achieve that “big bass” sound.
A fully carved domestic Sitka Spruce top is carefully graduated (thinned) to our
“competition” grade specs.

The results are a magnificently manageable bass that can play with the bigger
basses and not miss a beat.  David meets Goliath.

UB 5/8 Bass:

Body Length: 43 inches

Upper Bout Width: 19.5 inches

C Bout Width: 14.5 inches

Lower Bout Width: 26 inches

Rib Taper: 8 inches at lower
block to 7 (or 5.5, please inquire) inches at neck block

String Length: 40.5 inches


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