SOLD: UB Concert Special Deluxe WILLOW Double Bass


Entirely handmade by our award wining luthier Eric Rene Roy


“The owner commissioned this instrument and was very patient as we worked together to build a unique bass to suit his playing needs. I built in qualities and features that were important to him, and in return he was receptive to design elements that happened “on the fly”. Most notably was the purfling and recurve of the arch following a “guitar” shape. Willow is a softer wood than maple, and I went a bit thicker with it than I could ever do with maple. I got concerned at one point that the violin corners would be weakened by carrying the recurve/arching to the ends and they might be more prone to breaking off than a maple bass…so I wanted to keep the full thickness
if the plate edge throughout the corners. I started sketching on the bass what I envisioned and sent some photo’s to the owner, and he loved it! The result was visually stunning and although it was quite difficult to execute, it was a rewarding process that I would do again.

“The color was a bit different too…he really wanted something RED…and polished to the point of looking WET. We haven’t done one this red since…!”



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